Impacting lives through Safe Water in Kenya; Kilifi County

2 October, 2019 | co2mosesmaina
Categories: Kenya, Safe Water

With an approximated of about 50 million people, 41 percent of Kenyans still rely on unimproved water sources, such as ponds, shallow wells and rivers, while 59 percent of Kenyans use unimproved sanitation solutions. These challenges are especially evident in the rural areas and the urban slums.

Due to this acute access to safe water challenge many development organizations for years have sunk many boreholes in different parts of the country. Unfortunately, from time to time all infrastructure requires repair or renovation and because most of the sunk boreholes have not been properly maintained most of them have stalled denying local communities’ access to the scare resource.

Boreholes, if properly constructed and maintained can last several decades. CO2balance is now partnering with local communities to identify and carry out full rehabilitation and return the stalled boreholes to their optimum performance in Kilifi County in the coastal region of Kenya. This has given hope to the local communities who were suffering to access safe water before the repairs started late last year.  

CO2balance believes that our responsibility to our partner: local communities in Kilifi County, goes far beyond the repairing of stalled boreholes. Majority of newly sunk and or repaired boreholes fail within the first year of implementation due to lack of involvement of the local communities and failing to pout into consideration of sustainability measures. For this reason, CO2balance has invested time to nurture positive relationships with local communities from the onset to get them involved, plan together, train them on basic repairs and overall attain a very positive collaboration. With this our partner communities are motivated, organised, and prepared communities who need only sustainable clean water to kick-start their success.

Since late last year CO2balance has repaired a total of 100 stalled boreholes with an aim of reaching over 120 in the next few weeks. As we crisscross the local communities doing the repairs community members are excited to see us and our technicians for this gives them hope that finally the vital resource that has eluded them for years is finally here. The feedback we have been receiving from various corners of the County has been amazing as the repairs have reduced the long distances women and girls have to endure looking for water in the scorching heat at the coast.

We met Mariam Kilo one of the community members who said “since CO2balance came to repair these boreholes for us our life has changed, it is easier when you have water close by. I have more time now to attend to my small farm and also grocery business. I feel better even as  a woman I have social life, I can meet my fellow women and discuss our affairs but before this it was not possible as we could spend about 5 hours in a day walking to water sources, queuing in the sun for long and worst of all pay for it. But now we are in paradise, we appreciate what CO2balance has done for us. Thank you.