Improving Efficiency and Building Capacities Through Mobile Monitoring

16 July, 2021 | Maria
Categories: CO2balance

In order to guarantee high impact projects that maximize the progress on at least four different SDGs, monitoring our projects and analyzing the in-country scenarios are key aspects of our work.

Since our projects are based mostly in rural communities where access to internet connection is not common, many of our monitoring and analysis efforts in the field are done on paper.

However, aiming at improving efficiency and building new capacities for the field workers, the last few months we have been doing preparations to begin adopting an off-line mobile monitoring and data collection tool, that allow for a significant time saving both in the field and in the office.

Together with our NGO partners, we have successfully delivered virtual trainings, piloted the data collection and compilation, and received our first results – and we are proud to announce the synergy went extremely well!

Our field partners shared they felt comfortable with using technology in their daily work tasks, and felt happy to learn and practice new skills.

Training on mobile monitoring with United Purpose in Gambia