Inclusive and accessible COP 26 for everyone!

7 October, 2021 | Maria
Categories: Climate Change, CO2balance, Conferences, Sustainable Development Goals, World Days

As the 26th edition of the global Climate Change Conference is approaching, this year it will be held in Glasgow. During this two-week meeting, the main political leaders and delegates from countries across the globe will attempt to finalise the rules needed to put the Paris Agreement into effect. It will also be an opportunity to collaborate and work together between civil society, businesses, and governments.

Meetings take place in the Scottish Event Campus and are divided into two zones: Blue and Green. The Blue Zone is exclusively for attendants registered with a UN body and national delegations, as it’s destined for the high-level technical meetings, where policy and macro-action plans are discussed. The Green Zone is for the general public, and will hold a vast program of conferences, workshops, performances and more that people can attend or follow online. Anybody can book free tickets for these, and you can find the program here:

We believe the climate change conversation should be open and accessible for everyone, and encourage everybody to take part of the conversation. The more voices we hear, the better our solutions will be for everybody. From our experience working in the most remote areas across African countries, we know how important it is to involve all stakeholders and engage with all relevant parties.

Outside the Blue and Green Zone, there will be many more free and affordable events happening in the city, see some of them below:

  • 6th of November – Global Day of Action for Climate Justice UK. There will be a march in Glasgow and all the big cities in the UK at 12 pm. Possibly in main cities of other countries around the world too.
  • People’s Summit for Climate Justice Program – in person and online. Talks about transformative systems change.

  • Join other volunteers, remote or in person. Some interesting links might be or

  • Bring the conversation to schools with these free resources

CO2 Balance will be present, so please feel free to reach out if you would like to meet us or arrange a meeting. We would love to make the most of this opportunity and meet more stakeholders in the field.

COP26 is not relevant if not everybody has a voice – so please to come along!