Introducing myself…

3 September, 2020 | Tor Tennant
Categories: CO2balance

Hi there! My name is Tor and I am a new addition to the CO2balance team as a Carbon Projects Officer. I have been here for a little over three weeks now and am already loving the team and complexities of the role! I really appreciate the warm welcome, especially considering the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in, so thank you.

A love for the natural world inspired me to complete a degree in Geology at Imperial College London. After graduating, I began my working life as an energy analyst. However, I soon realised that the role was not what I wanted. I wanted my work to reflect my growing concern towards climate change, ecological collapse and ocean health, so I elected to make a change. After making some pretty significant changes to my own lifestyle, I returned to Imperial to study the Environmental Technology MSc, with a focus on Environmental Economics and Policy.

The course gave me a fantastic insight into the intricacies of environmental systems, the challenges that the world faces, and the approaches being considered to mitigate them. My thesis assessed the sustainability of vertical farming, an innovative method of agriculture with the potential of reducing the negative effects of traditional agriculture. My work made use of Life Cycle Analysis, the UN SDGs and whole systems thinking.

After completing my studies (again!) I wanted a career that would allow me to bring change to those that need it the most – this led me to co2balance. I am really excited to be working on carbon reduction projects with co2balance, particularly in the locations that are most vulnerable to climate change. I look forward to developing my expertise and exploring new ways in which we can mitigate the effects of climate change whilst helping local communities.

Outside of work I can often be found trying a new craft (past efforts have included knitting, pottery and…candle making), exploring the countryside or attempting to bake a showstopper!

Loch Oich in Scotland whilst walking the Great Glen Way