Introducing Myself…

7 June, 2021 | Maria
Categories: CO2balance

Hi Everyone!

I am very pleased to announce I have joined CO2 balance as the newest Carbon Projects Officer! I am very grateful for this opportunity and feel very excited to be part of this warm and welcoming team.

While doing my Bachelor’s in Economics and International Business, I was always very interested in International Development and social perspectives.

Therefore, after my studies, I completed an internship at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean, based in Chile, which reassured that I wanted to focus my efforts on changing the status quo and work in sustainable development for everyone. Through this experience I got to know the regions’ characteristics and conducted extensive research in the field of Natural Resources and Infrastructure.

After some more professional experiences in Spain in the private sector, I felt ready to pursue a MSc in Sustainable Development at the University of Sussex, from which I graduated recently.

On a more personal level I very much enjoy travelling, spending time in nature and cooking. I am also part of volunteer groups related to social inclusion for asylum seekers as well as a climate justice advocacy working group.

I am particularly happy to work for CO2 Balance because I believe the projects address the complexities that characterize the different ways in which communities live. They are aware of the interdependencies of the SDGs and aim for activities that impact different SDGs simultaneously, and make sure stakeholders engage and participate so that we confirm their needs are met optimally.

I can’t wait to see how this experience moves forward!

Photo: Hiking in the Andes’ foothills in Chile