Introducing myself…

3 November, 2022 | Prince Teye
Categories: Climate Change, CO2balance, West Africa

Hello there! I am Prince, I just joined CO2balance and I would like to share a little bit about myself.

Just who am I? I am Ghanaian, a true pan-African, a person passionate about African development and making the world at large a better place.

I am not limited by boundaries; I don’t like to put myself in a box (if there is ever one) as I view myself as a person possessing a handy versatility useful to the multidisciplinary world in which we live in many ways.

Over the past years, I have worked in sport, media, health and entrepreneurship, and now I take on a new challenge to champion climate action at such a crucial time when humanity is bearing the brunt of our many years of largely uncontrolled, at times arrant reckless, anthropogenic actions.

Recent reports of devasting floods from around the world, particularly Ghana and Nigeria, have been nothing but heart-breaking. That did not hit close to home, it indeed hit home!

If we don’t save the world today while we can, the world can’t save us tomorrow!

I believe it is time for everyone, regardless of background and work industry, to join hands for climate action. I certainly have joined now, and I will urge each and everyone else to join, no matter in which small way you can contribute. For this, I’m absolutely delighted by the opportunity handed me by CO2balance to join their team and fight from their corner.

For education, I studied BSc. Biological Sciences at the University of Science and Technology in Ghana, and then moved on to Brunel University London in the UK where I pursued an MSc. Sport and Health Sciences degree.

Primarily known for my works in sports, I am definitely not joining CO2balance without considering the power of sport for climate action. FIFA, UEFA the International Olympic Committee have all recently made commitments in that area, and this is certainly a space I am looking to explore further.

While I end today’s piece here, I look forward to coming your way soon again, particularly with update on my ambition of using sport for climate action.

Until then, it’s bye from me.