Introducing myself…

16 March, 2023 | Rebecca Barton
Categories: CO2balance

Hi I’m Becca! I’ve recently joined CO2balance as a Carbon Projects Officer. I’m very excited to be here and have really enjoyed my first few weeks working with such as fantastic team and getting to know the projects! I’m mainly working on safe water and improved cookstove projects in Eritrea and Ethiopia, but I’m looking forward to joining in with research for other projects as well.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Physics at Nottingham Trent University and decided to spend some time abroad after this. I went to Cambodia to teach English for six months where I got meet, work and travel with fantastic people from all over the world.  I enjoyed visiting the beautiful Cambodian countryside, beaches, and historical wonders, as well as visiting neighbouring countries. Staying in a homestead amongst the Vietnamese rice fields was a particularly amazing experience.

Views of the Vietnamese rice fields

After this I decided to do a PGCE and taught science in a secondary school in Worthing but lock down reminded me of my true passion for sustainability and I decided to embark on a career change.

Last year I completed a masters in Global Sustainability Solutions at the University of Exeter which was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed learning about a wide variety of sustainability issues. In sixth form I went on a school trip to Kenya, where we stayed with a Maasai tribe. Seeing their daily struggle for water, but also their incredible resilience, helped shape my view of sustainability issues and climate change. I’m now very glad to be working in a company which is providing sustainable development to places most vulnerable to climate change and which helps to deliver such positive impacts to the communities.