Introducing Myself

21 April, 2023 | Katienne Miranda
Categories: CO2balance

Hi! I’m Katienne and I’m one of the new CO2 Balance recruits! I’ll be working on safe water projects in Mozambique and Zambia.

My perspectives on sustainability, have deeply been influenced by growing up in Goa; a coastal state in India. Whilst known for its endless beaches and skyline of coconut trees, Goa is biodiversity hotspot, as it is an integral part of the Western Ghats of India, which support life to various endemic species. Animal and plant life found are vast. A few of the endemic species found are the bamboo pit viper, the Indian wild boar, a nesting-ground for Olive Ridley Turtles, and the breadfruit tree. Cashew trees, like the coconut palm, are also commonly found and play an important part in local cuisine, and the economy of the state.

Sunset in Goa

Sunset in Goa

Prior to moving to England, I worked as a tour-guide in Goa, mostly covering the Latin Quarter and Old Goa. I also volunteered with the My Mollem Campaign, to protect the forest from 3 government led construction activities. Through this campaign, I was delighted to see, how connected most Goans felt towards the natural world, and how positive the response to conservation efforts were. 

Being Goan, I love the sea and the beach; hence it was lovely to spend my first year in the UK, down in Cornwall, whilst completing my master’s degree in Sustainable Development. In Cornwall is where I found my first beach dominated by pebbles, where my lifelong enmity with seagulls began, and of course, my toleration of fish and chips.  

In my spare time, I enjoy going on treks, exploring new spaces, reading and attempting to knit! 

Views from Gylly Beach

Hiking via the Cornish Coast