Introducing Myself

24 April, 2023 | Abinet Adela
Categories: CO2balance

Hello there! My name is Abinet I am the new starter as carbon projects officer here at CO2balance and I will be working on improved cookstoves and safe water projects in Ethiopia.

Working on these projects is personal for me as I am from Ethiopia and grew up witnessing the struggle of communities to have access to safe water and clean and efficient cookstoves.

I came to the UK in 2019 having the privilege to study master’s in urban Climate and Sustainability at Glasgow Caledonian University, having previously studied Geography and Urban Development and Management in my undergraduate and postgraduate in my native Ethiopia. My study in Urban Climate and Sustainability was an eye opener in many ways but more importantly as it exposed me to the world of climate change and the challenges of curbing it.

My dissertation titled “Local Climate Adaptation in High Elevation Cities” helped me to learn more about the challenges of climate change particularly in Africa, as three of my sample cities Addis Abeba, Nairobi and Johannesburg are from Africa and I was able to find out that Africa is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and at the same time lacks what it takes to mitigate and cope up with the impacts of climate change.

Knowing this fact motivated me to be part of the solution. I always wanted to get involved in climate projects in Africa and CO2balance is the perfect place for this as the company had strong presence in most of Sub-Saharan African countries.

It is an advantage to work on these projects in that they do not only contribute to the reduction of CO2 but equally the projects support to the improvement of the socio-economic situation of the communities which I feel I am attached.

I am already met by a helpful and wonderful team at CO2balance, and I look forward to contributing my share to this mission.