Introducing myself…

28 June, 2023 | Will Hooton
Categories: Carbon Offsetting, CO2balance, Kenya, Uganda

Hello, my name is Will! I come from Cornwall, UK, and I’m thrilled to join CO2balance as a Carbon Projects Officer. I’m excited about contributing to projects in Kenya and Uganda. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Loughborough University, specializing in pollution control and energy efficiency.

Before joining CO2balance, I embarked on a journey through Asia and Australia, where I witnessed the lifestyles of rural communities in Southeast Asia and experienced the devastating effects of Australian wildfires. These eye-opening experiences fueled my strong commitment to drive real change. Upon returning, I enrolled in an online environmental leadership course and later pursued further studies in sustainability science in Finland. During my time there, I focused on waste management, system transition, and renewable energy technologies. I also collaborated with the Finnish government on improving resource efficiency for companies like Metsa Wood, which specializes in paper and pulp production. Apart from braving freezing cold swims in lakes and enjoying saunas to warm up, I gained invaluable insights into how Scandinavian culture fosters sustainable solutions and successfully implements them. This broadened my perspective and solidified my belief in the possibility of making tangible changes in the world.

Following my return from Finland, I worked as a maths and science tutor while actively volunteering at the Newquay Community Orchard and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. My volunteer work involved restoring natural habitats and preserving endangered heathlands and their native species. At the orchard, I took charge of volunteer sessions, helping local individuals acquire employment skills and cultivate their own local produce. I thoroughly enjoyed the responsibility of engaging in community-based projects and witnessing the positive impact they had on the local community. It was during this time that I realized my passion for making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, which has led me to embark on my next chapter with CO2balance.

Outside of work, I recently converted a van, which I plan to use for exploring unseen parts of the UK. My goal is to visit all the national parks and embark on exhilarating hikes through the picturesque English countryside. I’m genuinely excited about this new opportunity at CO2balance and eager to contribute my skills and experiences to the team. I look forward to making a lasting impact!