Introducing myself…

21 November, 2023 | Charlotte Gadd
Categories: CO2balance

Hello everyone, my name is Charlotte and I have recently joined the CO2balance team as a Carbon Projects Officer! I’m really excited to get stuck in on the projects I will be working on which include the Uganda Safe Water projects.

I studied History at University of Bristol; however, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my future. This prompted me to take some time to travel where I spent two years living in New Zealand and then travelled around South-East Asia for four months. It was my time spent in Cambodia that broadened my perspective and ignited an interest in sustainability and international development. Once I returned from my travels I realised that the travel bug had caught and I needed another adventure!

Visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia

I then spent four months volunteering in Tanzania delivering a livelihoods project to young entrepreneurs to help improve the local economy where I lived with a local family in a remote rural village. This gave me first-hand experience of the local culture and an awareness of the issues local people were facing, including a lack of access to safe water and health impacts from open fires. Upon returning I started working for a housing and equality charity as a communications and marketing officer as well as completing another undergraduate degree in International and Environmental Studies. This gave me a theoretical understanding of environment and development issues and policy and governance responses to these issues. After this I did a master’s degree in Sustainability Planning and Environmental Policy at Cardiff University where I was able to learn more about renewable energy development and research the impacts environmental mitigation and adaptation policies have on people with protected characteristics, two areas of interest I’m keen to take forward in this role.

Exploring the village I was staying in in Tanzania

During my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors and kickboxing where I’m currently working towards getting my black belt. I also spend a few hours each week volunteering as a listening volunteer for the Samaritans.

Hiking through the rainforest in Borneo