Introducing myself…

19 April, 2024 | David Warnes
Categories: CO2balance

Hello! My name is David and I’m excited to be joining CO2balance as a Carbon Projects Officer. I’ll be working on Safe Water projects in eastern Zambia and Burkina Faso, and on cookstove projects in Guatemala.

During my undergraduate Geography degree at Newcastle University I was particularly focused on physical climate change science, such as investigating historic climate change and projecting future climate scenarios. These interests culminated in a research expedition to the Sayan Mountains, Siberia, where I collected fossilized mosquito samples, and used these to interpret the past 12,000 years of climate change in the region. To collect these samples, I wild-camped in a very remote field site in the Siberian wilderness amongst volcanoes, lakes and the local wildlife. It took 3 days to travel there from the nearest city via car, off-road army truck and hiking!

Two inflated rowing boats on a lake with mountains in the background
Collecting fossilized mosquito samples from a lake in Siberia, Russia.

After graduating, I moved back home to Bristol and spent nearly 2 years at Natural England in the UK Civil Service. I worked on geographic information systems (GIS), data analysis and coding to support wildlife and habitat conservation projects. Looking to reconnect with my climate change interests, I left this role to undertake a Master’s in ‘Environmental Change and Management’ at Oxford University. Shifting from my previous physical science background, this course particularly focused on socio-economic climate change topics such as carbon markets, international climate governance and human-wildlife conflict. For my thesis, I travelled to Gilgit-Baltistan in the mountains of northern Pakistan to investigate perceptions on the threat and management of climate change induced glacial lake outburst floods. This involved conducting interviews with both institutional stakeholders such as the United Nations, and with flood-affected local community members. Perspectives on flooding varied significantly between institutions and local communities, and within the local-communities themselves. I hope to use this experience to help ensure all relevant stakeholders are considered throughout CO2balance’s carbon projects.

Vegetated valley with snow capped mountains in the background.
View of Bagrote Valley where I conducted research in northern Pakistan.

Outside of work I spend most of my time playing football, long-distance running or going on outdoor adventures! Last year I spent 2 months travelling in South America, and I just completed Manchester marathon on my first weekend after starting at CO2balance! This year I’m hoping to complete the Three Peaks Challenge, and my first ultra-marathon as my next adventures! 

Optical illusion of huge man lifting up tiny woman
Visiting the Uyuni salt flats in Boliva