Issuance of First Gold Standard Water Projects In Kaliro

28 January, 2016 | Lucas Emmerson
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

CO2balance are pleased to announce that our first two borehole VPAs in Kaliro District, Uganda, have been issued under the Gold Standard. For the past two years, we have worked closely with local NGO WAACHA and district water mechanics to rehabilitate broken down boreholes and implement a long term maintenance programme that ensures the provision of clean water to communities for at least 7 years. An important part of the programme is  community sensitization and engagement, which involves training the borehole caretakers and water resource committees on the key aspects of borehole maintenance and hygiene. We recognise that creating a sense of ownership among the community members is a crucial element to the success of the projects.

WAACHA and CO2balance conducting a WASH meeting in Madibira under a jackfruit tree
Educating children from Saaka school on the importance of borehole hygiene


A well maintained borehole in Lwamboga