Kenya: 2021 Mangrove Planting Underway

8 July, 2021 | Thomas Devesa
Categories: CO2balance, Kenya, Mangroves

Abent Mangrove Rehabilitation Group planting mangroves along Mtwapa Creek, Kenya.

CO2balance, in partnership with Natural Capital Partners, are targeting a massive 200,000 trees planted in this year’s planting season.

The mangrove rehabilitation project, which saw 54,400 trees planted in 2020, is back underway for 2021. The project is situated along Mtwapa Creek, Kenya and supports two mangrove rehabilitation groups; Abent and Comensum.

The groups are grassroots and engage with local communities to plant mangrove seedlings as well as provide education on the importance of mangrove conservation.

For an introduction to the groups, re-visit a previous blog about the project here.

A mangrove seedling nursery.

The project aims to reverse environmental degradation that has occurred along the creek. In doing so, it will create sustainable livelihood opportunities for local communities. Both in project engagement and with the restoration of mangrove ecosystem, a key habitat for many economic species.

Here’s to a successful planting season!