Local Stakeholder Consultation in Burkina Faso

10 June, 2022 | Maria
Categories: Burkina Faso, CO2balance, Safe Water, Sustainable Development Goals

On the 19th of May, a local stakeholder consultation was held in the Nord region of Burkina Faso, where we have initiated a safe water project. These events are of extreme importance to us, as they provide an opportunity for horizontal communication with local stakeholders that may be directly or indirectly influenced by the project, and their feedback is essential to us.

Stakeholder consultations are held throughout all our projects. We always focus our efforts on having an equal participation and attendance of men and women and focus on hearing the voices of minorities as much as possible. We want locals to feel part of the project, and participate in its design, enabling us to make projects stronger and maximize their impact.

For those that were not able to attend in person, we have opened other communication channels with the communities that will be running until the 19 of July.

Feedback was generally very positive, and the groups of stakeholders did exercises around the different positive and negative impacts on SDGs. Communities are thrilling to access safe water in their villages, and can’t wait to set up hygiene and sanitation groups as they go forward.