More to a fence than meets the eye

11 March, 2014 | Paul Chiplen
Categories: Kenya

Over the past few months the five team members of SCC’s “Challenge Africa” have been raising money for Shikaadabu Primary School in Kenya to build a fence.  At first glance this may not seem to be the most dynamic project in the world, but try telling that to the teachers and school children from the school – the response they gave us was truly mind blowing.

Challenge Africa - 2014 (2) DSCN4556

The school is located in Likoni, just south of Mombasa.  Prior to the fence the school has been victim of land grabbing, burglary and vandalism – the new fence helps to solve this and provide a platform to make lasting improvements to the school, to start with only about a third of the children have desks and chairs, the rest have to sit on the floor, which itself is in need of repair.

Challenge Africa - 2014 (4)

We expected a short tour of the school and then get our hands dirty painting a classroom and planting some trees – which all happened – but to start with we were treated to the sight of all 842 school children singing songs and poems all about how the new fence has provided them with security and safety (with tongue in cheek comments about how it will reduce truancy levels…).

Challenge Africa - 2014 (1)

We all left feeling very rewarded and blessed to make a start in improving a school that is in dire need of support and assistance, not to mention being covered in paint, so all credit and thanks to the SCC’s “Challenge Africa” team and to everyone that donated to the cause.