NCP_Rwandans4Water CSR Project 2020

12 November, 2020 | Jonathan Windeatt
Categories: Case Study, CO2balance, CSR Projects, Rwanda

Natural Capital Partners have partnered with CO2balance and Rwandans4Water to deliver a series of school-based CSR projects in the Gatsibo District of Rwanda.

Over the past few months, our project partners have started work in four schools within the Gatsibo district. These schools are Groupe Scolaire Rwankuba, Groupe Scolaire Matunguru, Matare Primary School, Gakiri Primary School. This CSR project work will include installing solar pv to the facilities to provide a reliable source of electricity and lighting, rehabilliation of latrines, hand washing stations and tree fencing or vegetable gardens around the school grounds.

Below are some pictures from the field capturing the progress. The work is being carried out before pupils return to school full time. Attendance has been paused, due to closure of schools from the COVID-19 pandemic. More updates to follow!

Examples of the recently renovated latrines.
Example of a handwashing station at a local primary school.
Preparing the continued tree fencing around the perimeter of the primary school.

Local community preparing a vegetable garden.