New Gold Standard Issuance in Guatemala!

12 December, 2023 | Lorenzo Gubbini
Categories: Case Study, CO2balance, Improved Cookstoves, Latin America

CO2Balance has achieved an important milestone in Guatemala: its Improved Cookstove Project was successfully verified by Gold Standard, certifying that 20,171 tonnes of CO2e have been avoided, and resulting in the issuance of an equivalent number of credits on the Voluntary Carbon Market!

Together with our partner Estufas Chispa, CO2Balance has overseen the deployment of 4,640 improved cookstoves since October 2020. These innovative appliances were developed locally by our partners and are tailored to meet local needs and cooking practices: they have a flat top for making tortillas, a large surface to cook for big families, and a 2-meter-high chimney driving the smoke outside of the household (thus eliminating health risks for those cooking).

The issuance of carbon credits is a testament to the impact the project has been having across Guatemala, not only for the reduction of CO2 emissions (SDG 13), but also for contributing to the health and wellbeing (SDG 3), the reduction of poverty (SDG 1), and the availability of clean and affordable energy (SDG 7) for local communities. Surveys monitoring the project’s impact show that our cookstoves have resulted in a 66.5% reduction of total household air pollution, and that users spend an average of 83.2% less time collecting firewood.

While some stoves in this project have been in use since 2020, the project is now in its 2nd year of monitoring. CO2Balance and Estufas Chispa are simultaneously expanding the project and deploying more improved cookstoves to further improve the health of communities across Guatemala, and to continue contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the country.

If you or your organization is interested in purchasing Guatemala Improved Cookstove credits, please do not hesitate to get in touch!