New Starter Welcome!

8 November, 2019 | Jonathan Windeatt
Categories: CO2balance

Hello reader!

I am Jon Windeatt and one of the three new carbon project officers joining the CO2Balance Taunton team.

I am excited to hit the ground running and finding my feet in the day to day tasks required by a project officer. CO2Balance’s position as both a carbon project developer and as a carbon management consultancy makes the company pretty unique!

I first stumbled across CO2Balance within a climate change law lecture in my MSc Environmental Consultancy studies at UWE Bristol. When researching potential careers towards the end of the course, I looked further into roles at CO2Balance and the company seemed to match my interests and initial skills developed from the MSc course.

I also gained an insight into the International development sector whilst on a 3- month volunteering placement through Raleigh International ICS WASH programmes. It is this combination of consultancy and international development initial experience which made CO2Balance a good fit for me. I look forward to working on similar WASH programmes through CO2Balance CSR projects and gaining project management experience of the established GoldStandard water borehole rehabilitation and cookstove projects.

Outside of work, I am a keen golfer and yoga session attendee. I also enjoy cooking and interested   in areas of general health and wellbeing.

I am looking forward to contributing to co2balance’s ongoing work within communities in Africa and parts of Asia and promoting the positive benefits which companies like CO2Balance and the NGO’s it partners with provide.

A picture with children within the village of Ichonde, in the Morogoro district of Tanzania, where I worked in for 3 months with Raleigh International, part of a WASH project.