Progress in West Cameroon

16 April, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Cameroon, Improved Cookstoves

Pleased to update on the significant progress in our West Cameroon cookstove project. This project is a landmark collaboration between CO2Balance and the African Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology (ACREST). Together we have designed the ‘Sweet Mother Stove’, in a bid to improve lives in West Cameroon.

The registration process of the project with the Gold Standard has formally begun endorsing the project as part of CO2Balance programme of activities as the project moves along in its crediting cycle. Watch this space for interesting news and updates from West Cameroon as CO2Balance and ACREST launch a major marketing and stove sales campaign in the coming weeks to drive sales of the “Sweet Mother Stove” from as many as 15 selling points across West Cameroon. The current partnership continues to go from strength to strength. It is extremely fulfilling to see our partners ACREST grow organically as a result of this project.

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