1 July, 2014 | andrewocama
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

My colleague , Eszter and I have just got off  a grueling week of field visits where we covered more than 1500km on land visiting different boreholes repaired by co2balance in Alebtong, Otuke and Dokolo districts of Uganda and assessing the next ten we are to repair in our first project in the East of Uganda In Kaliro. We analysed their systems to understand how we can  improve on the service delivery to the communities and ensure the boreholes are continuously serving safe water to them. Without a doubt it was quite gratifying to see all the boreholes in perfect physical condition. It wasn’t too much of a puzzle understanding as well that community participation was making the project a much better prospect than those with lesser degrees of involvement.


Maintenance in progress at Adekirwai borehole


Water from Adekirwai borehole in Alebtong district in a mineral water bottle

 Having seen firsthand the impact of adequate community mobilisation, we shall now embark on a WASH program to sensitize the communities on the impact health and sanitation practices have on the provision of safe water.

Without a doubt, Ester was satisfied with what we have achieved and she knows that the efforts we are putting in are making a huge impact in the lives of thousands of people. In the end, only a picture can describe this.

Goi B (2)

Completed maintenance work at Goi B in Otuke district


Eszter and the ever reliant Baba Richard “Omumerika” during a stop on the way back to Kampala