CO2balance sustainable projects in Sierra Leone:

  • Sustainable Development: CO2balance promotes sustainable development in Sierra Leone, ensuring clean water access through the Safe Water Project. This strengthens community resilience and environmental sustainability, supporting long-term socio-economic stability.
  • Improving Rural Water Supplies: Our Safe Water Project rehabilitates and maintains boreholes, crucial for mitigating health risks and supporting community well-being, especially for women and children responsible for water collection.
  • Community Support: Beyond water initiatives, CO2balance fosters community development in Sierra Leone. Programs include education on water sanitation, healthcare, and economic empowerment, enhancing livelihoods and fostering inclusive growth.
  • Impact and Sustainability: Aligned with the UN’s SDGs, CO2balance’s Sierra Leone projects create lasting positive impacts. By improving water access and promoting community development, we enhance health, education, and economic opportunities for Sierra Leonean communities.

About Sierra Leone:

Sierra Leone is located in West Africa and shares borders with Guinea to the North and East and Liberia to the South. With beautiful beaches, a forested and mountainous interior and a rich endowment of resources such as diamonds, aluminium and rutile, Sierra Leone is a country with vast economic potential. The country’s population have, however, experienced great hardship in recent decades, with the country devastated by civil war between 1991 and 2002 and heavily affected by the West African Ebola virus epidemic between 2014 and 2016.

Sierra Leone today is at peace and is rebuilding after the devastating events of recent years. Despite the country’s vast economic potential, over 60% of Sierra Leoneans live on less than $1.25 per day, with the vast majority of the rural population lacking access to improved water sources or sanitation facilities. Carbon finance constitutes a great opportunity to drive investment into Sierra Leone’s infrastructure and to support the country in achieving its great potential.

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