CO2balance sustainable projects in Zambia:

  • Sustainable Development in Zambia:
    CO2balance is dedicated to fostering sustainable development in Zambia. Projects like the Safe Water Project strengthen community resilience and promote environmental sustainability, contributing to long-term socio-economic stability.
  • Improving Rural Water Supplies:
    The Safe Water Project rehabilitates and maintains boreholes in rural areas, ensuring consistent clean water access. This effort reduces health risks and supports community well-being, particularly for women and children responsible for water collection.
  • Community Support Initiatives:
    Beyond water projects, CO2balance supports comprehensive community development. Our initiatives include education, healthcare, and economic empowerment programs, fostering sustainable livelihoods and inclusive growth across Zambia.
  • Impact and Sustainability:
    Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), CO2balance’s projects create enduring positive impacts. By promoting safe water access and holistic community development, we enhance health, education, and economic opportunities, contributing to a brighter future for Zambian communities.

About Zambia:

The Republic of Zambia is a land-locked country in South-Central Africa named after the Zambezi River that flows through the West and South of the country. Endowed with vast copper resources, Zambia has experienced rapid economic growth over the last decade, however, despite progress, over 40% of the population still live in extreme poverty.

CO2balance addresses these challenges through sustainable projects. For example, our Safe Water Project rehabilitates boreholes to provide clean water to rural communities, enhancing health and freeing time for education and economic activities.

Learn More:
Discover more about CO2balance’s Safe Water Project and other sustainable initiatives in Zambia here.