The energy transition to low carbon technologies is the primary supply-side mitigation mechanism to avoid dangerous levels of climate change. Sustainable energy solutions therefore play a vital role in the transition and require implementation on a global level.

Lack of access to energy and electricity often leads to the combustion of fossil fuels and firewood, which puts pressure on local environments, contributes to carbon emissions, increases exposure to household air pollution, and places a burden on those who collect fuel for energy. As such, clean energy is a crucial tool to maintain the valuable resources and ecosystem services that provide livelihoods to millions of people at no monetary cost and is fundamental in enabling communication and market access.

Although energy related emissions from developing countries constitute only a fraction of global emissions today, the growth in demand and suppressed demand are substantial, and therefore they are key energy markets for ensuring a positive energy transition.

CO2balance explores project opportunities for electrification of communities in Africa. We collaborate with institutional, non-governmental and private partners in assessing a variety of investment and project development opportunities. Our experience with technologies include solar PV and hybrid mini-grids, solar home systems, solar lights, water heaters and biogas.

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