Republic of Kenya

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Project Overview

The renovation of two dispensaries in the Aberdares region was implemented by CO2balance as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project with a project partner. Both clinics were in need of infrastructural works and cosmetic improvements. Jointly these health clinics serve around 60 patients a day and provide the lowest access point to healthcare services to local communities.

Dispensaries in Aberdares are run by the county government and provide free access to healthcare, run by registered doctors and nurses. The clinics cater for ailments such as the common cold, flu, skin conditions and non-advanced malarial symptoms for the poorest in society, allowing communities to continue with domestic, educational and economic activities on a daily basis. The clinics have fallen into disrepair due to limited government funds. To increase the comfort and security for staff and patients, Mbau-Ini and Escarpment dispensaries were renovated as part of this project.


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