Republic of Malawi

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Project Overview

Dzoole Health Centre is situated in the rural district Dowa, located in the Central Province of Malawi where residents rely mainly on subsistence agriculture. Malawi has a state funded healthcare system that provides free healthcare to all Malawians, however, a major shortage of staff and medicines inhibits the delivery of quality care.

A new CSR project as part of an emissions reductions purchase agreement will improve the health care experience for 50,000 people and their relatives at Dzoole Health Centre. Project plans include providing a reliable safe water supply; renovating latrines; installing a new solar panel and charging hub; creating a woodlot near the health centre as a source of fuel and installing improved cookstoves for the guardian shelter. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene training will also be delivered as part of the project.

Under the same proposal, Dowa district hospital will also receive solar lighting; a solar borehole and electricity for hospital concentrators. The project renovations propose to provide sanitary accessible healthcare to local residents.


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