Republic of Rwanda

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Project Overview

In Gatsibo, a rural district situated in Rwanda’s Eastern province, CO2balance has implemented CSR projects with an NGO partner in 4 local schools. The projects involved the delivery of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) training for over 3,000 students and establishment of WASH clubs, installation of solar lighting and charging points, distribution of over 200 hand-washing points in the schools and local communities, and the rehabilitation of school latrines, providing more hygienic and dignified facilities.

A total of 250 hand-washing points were installed across schools and distributed to the wider community, powered by a foot-pedal to avoid hand-tap contamination risk. Teachers reported a great increase in school hygiene levels and a drop in illnesses linked to poor hygiene, meaning class attendances increased.

The WASH clubs reportedly encouraged students to discuss issues of sanitation and hygiene amongst their families and fellow students, and improved students’ skills in other areas such as problem solving and taking initiative.

The solar systems were installed in the schools providing lighting and charging points which has allowed the incorporation of ICT into the curriculum for those schools with a laptop. The solar powered lighting means that school doors are opened in the evenings for children to return to school to do homework, a time window which was previously unavailable.


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