Republic of Uganda

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Project Overview

In 2018, CO2balance implemented a girls’ hygiene project in Abari Primary school, Kole District. The school has 910 pupils, 430 of which are girls. Of the 430 girls, over 120 of them are going through monthly menstrual cycles. A lack of resources means that many girls do not have access to menstrual products, which causes high absenteeism and has even led to some girls dropping out of school.

CO2balance, with the support of its client, provided:

  • 185 reusable sanitary towels to girls between the ages of 13 and 17;
  • Training on how to use the products and building their self-esteem in order to keep them in school; and
  • Hygiene training conducted by the Senior Woman teacher, a position created to attend to the needs of girls and encourage them to stay in school

With so many girls missing lessons or dropping out of school due to the stigma of starting their menstrual cycle without the ability to afford regular sanitary towels, provision of reusable pads will go a long way to help girls stay in school. The project had a small budget with a huge impact.


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