Rehabilitation of Kaliro Boreholes

23 November, 2015 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

Rehabilitation is the action taken to repair a borehole whose productivity has declined or that has failed completely through lack of monitoring and maintenance of the pump and/or well structure.

Borehole rehabilitation usually involves so many aspects such as cleaning the capture section (pipes, pump), change of broken or rusted parts like the chain, pump head among others. Also chemical treatment like chlorination can be done with the help of competent technicians to dissolve the deposits on the pipes or strainers. Overhauling manual pumps and changing the submerged pumps that have broken down repeatedly or for long periods can also be done during the rehabilitation process.

Co2balance in partnership with the local partner NGO Women Alliance And Children Affairs (WAACHA) has started works on the rehabilitation of 10 more boreholes that were added this year to be rehabilitated as part of its programme to provide more clean safe water in the remote areas of Kaliro District. The exercise kicked off on 16th & 17th November, 2015 with Nansohera DWD 239 and Kiganda B being the first boreholes to be rehabilitated. Completion of these 10 boreholes will bring the total number of rehabilitated boreholes by Co2balance in Kaliro District to 20.