Safe water for people and Rhinos – our partnership with the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary!

11 December, 2023 | Kate Danter
Categories: Case Study, CO2balance, Safe Water, Uganda

At CO2balance, our Central and Western safe water project has rehabilitated 41 boreholes in the Nakasongola and Masindi districts of Uganda. Alongside the usual contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals we make, for this project we also partner with the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, who work to protect and preserve the endangered white rhino!

CO2balance visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

In the past, Uganda was famed for an impressive rhino population once roaming the savannas and tropical woodlands. However, throughout the 20th century, poachers hunting for ivory decimated their numbers. According to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), in 1983, Uganda’s native population of Northern White Rhino were considered wiped out.

Ziwa introduced 6 Southern White Rhinos to the sanctuary in 2005. This marked the return of Rhinos to Uganda after almost 30 years. Today, after many successful births, the ranch is home to over 30 rhinos and is recognised as one of the most successful breeding programmes in Africa. The team of rangers at Ziwa work to protect the rhinos from poaching, alongside working with local communities to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Mother and baby

CO2balance contributes to this work through the income generated by the credits of our safe water project. The specific activities the funds are directed to are determined by where they are most needed at the time, to ensure we can support Ziwa effectively in their journey towards releasing rhinos back into the wild. We have just issued credits through the Gold Standard for this project for the 3rd time, and we look forward to continuing to invest these funds and make a difference for both people and rhinos in Uganda!

White rhino on the ranch