Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder engagement is essential throughout the lifetime of our projects. Specific focus is made to prioritise stakeholder feedback in the planning stage of each of our projects. A ‘Local Stakeholder Meeting’ is conducted for each project within our specific project area to gather information to guide the project design based on that specific area, taking into account all and any feedback received.

Following this meeting, a Stakeholder Consultation Report is written, detailing the entire meeting, including participants, minutes and a summary of stakeholder feedback received.

For any stakeholder who has additional feedback to provide or who could not attend the meeting in person, there is an opportunity to submit feedback to us and/or our local in-country partners through the Stakeholder Feedback Round, which comes after the initial meeting. Through this process the project-specific Stakeholder Consultation Report and Non-Technical Summary are made available to view for a 30-day period. During this period, any feedback can be submitted through any means you wish to do so, email, via our website, letters or in-person visits to our in-country partners.

Please see below the projects which are currently undergoing their Stakeholder Feedback Round: