Stakeholder Meetings in Dowa and Kasungu, Malawi!

15 April, 2015 | antonisfoukaras
Categories: Malawi, Safe Water

This week on Tuesday April 14th, Concern Universal, our partner for the borehole-rehabilitation project in Malawi has started the local stakeholder meetings in Dowa and Kasungu Districts . The overall objective of the meeting is to provide all the information about the project to the local communities. Concern Universal will also use this opportunity to collect some outstanding data and initiate some additional stakeholder feedback mechanisms. We thank Concern Universal Malawi for all their effort in organizing the meetings and we are looking forward to progressing with the project.

The meetings will take place in the areas and dates presented below:

14/04/2015 Meeting 1: District of Dowa, Chakhaza Traditional Authority

15/04/2015 Meeting 2: District of Dowa, Dzoole Traditional Authority

16/05/2015 Meeting 3: District of Dowa, Kayembe Traditional Authority

17/05/2015 Meeting 4: District of Kasungu, Santhe Traditional Authority