Progress in West Cameroon

16 April, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Cameroon, Improved Cookstoves

Pleased to update on the significant progress in our West Cameroon cookstove project. This project is a landmark collaboration between CO2Balance and the African Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology (ACREST). Together we have designed the ‘Sweet Mother Stove’, in a bid to improve lives in West Cameroon. The registration process of the project with the Gold… Read the full article >

First year of ACREST-CO2balance partnership

9 February, 2015 | eszterhegyi
Categories: Cameroon, Improved Cookstoves

Since the local stakeholder meeting held in January last year, a significant progress was achieved in the jointly implemented “West Cameroon Improved Cookstove” Project. The Gold Standard Foundation listed our project, endorsing this unique partnership whereby local knowledge and skills are matched with international support and know-how. The improved cookstoves made at the ACREST Headquarter… Read the full article >

Project partner ACREST among the finalists of the Clinton Global Initiative University Challenge

26 March, 2014 | eszterhegyi
Categories: Cameroon

At CO2balance we believe that our projects have the biggest impact on the ground if we work in strong partnerships with local communities and organisations, which is why CO2balance welcomes similar partnerships whereby international support meets local knowledge and skills. The African Centre of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (ACREST), our partner NGO in Cameroon… Read the full article >

Case study from Cameroon

30 January, 2014 | CO2balance
Categories: Cameroon, Improved Cookstoves

In the previous post on Cameroon we wrote about the successful stakeholder meeting and the promising partnership co2balance launched with a local NGO, ACREST on improved cookstoves. ACREST has been successfully producing and selling the stoves in the past years and now thanks to co2balance subsidy channelled through the carbon market, the stoves are available… Read the full article >

Successful project launch in Cameroon

17 January, 2014 | CO2balance
Categories: Cameroon, Improved Cookstoves

“Parfait”, “Très bien“, “Succès total “– these are just some of the participant feedbacks on our stakeholder meeting held last week in Bangang, Cameroon. The meeting marked the launching of the ‘Western Cameroon Improved Cookstove Project’ in partnership with a local NGO, ACREST and was attended by more than 150 national and international stakeholders. During… Read the full article >

co2balance arrives for project stakeholder meeting in Bangang, Cameroon

6 January, 2014 | CO2balance
Categories: Cameroon, Improved Cookstoves

Eszter Hegyi from co2balance has arrived in Bangang, Cameroon to conduct the local stakeholder consultation alongside our project partner ACREST on the 7th Jan 2014.  The meeting will be held in ACREST’s headquarters, in a lush jungle location powered by a water wheel – redefining the meaning of green! The ‘West Cameroon Improved Cookstoves Project’… Read the full article >