Field trip in Uganda

14 July, 2014 | eszterhegyi
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

As my Ugandan colleague Andrew already indicated in his previous post, we had a very intense one week in Uganda in early July visiting rehabilitated boreholes and meeting with our in-country partners to assess the on-going works. I feel very lucky that I had a chance to see our projects on the ground and to… Read the full article >

Uganda trip

17 June, 2014 | eszterhegyi
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

As Ellie already pointed out in one of the previous blog posts, travelling to the project sites and seeing our projects in action is definitely the most exciting part of our jobs. At the moment I am preparing for my trip to Uganda, where I will have the chance to meet with the communities in… Read the full article >

1000 steps ahead

8 June, 2014 | andrewocama
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

It’s a new month and in Uganda it has come with a sudden rise in temperature and retreat of the rains. We are asking ourselves where the heavy rains we had last week have gone. But then again, it is too soon to tell what the weatherman will conjure up.  This month comes with two… Read the full article >

Why invest in borehole projects in Uganda?

14 April, 2014 | eszterhegyi
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

In our previous blog entries we have already discussed how borehole rehabilitation projects can reduce co2 emissions originated from burning biomass for water purification. Today’s blog entry wants to shed a light on the current situation of the water sector in Northern Uganda to show that beside climate change mitigation, investing in borehole projects makes… Read the full article >

Climate Change Unit Finally Approves the Uganda CDM Efficient Cookstove POA

20 February, 2014 | andrewocama
Categories: Carbon Offsetting, Climate Change

There is a saying in Uganda that the British introduced bureaucracy and Africans perfected it, modified it and re-launched it. The process of getting a Letter of Approval (LOA) from the Uganda Designated National Authority  provided us with a perfect lesson in bureaucracy but at the end it was a big relief for all to… Read the full article >