18 May, 2014 | andrewocama
Categories: CO2balance

There’s a common African saying, “It takes a village to bring up a child”. In co2balance our mantra has been, it takes a team to build up a project. This week has been the epitome of team work. We have been preparing documentation for four projects, getting ready for the next round of monitoring work, making sure our surveys reflect the improvements requested by  the Objective Observers, submiting budgets and developing systems for ample service delivery across our safe water projects. On week’s like this, it tends to be end to end and it’s at times like this when everybody has to be at the top of their game and pull down some multi-tasking abilities from the heavens if they have to.

There was a light moment or two that touched on one of my favorite subjects, the common ground. I love understanding the common ground because it is the basis for our understanding of the common good. We had a conference call in the middle of the week and it happened to be during the Muezin’s call for prayer. Whenever I watch a movie with an African theme, it is something I’ve noticed always forms the background scenery, no matter where. It is something I have heard almost every day apart from my few years in boarding school. in my neighborhood I hear almost three at the same time. The call to prayer is something I may not even notice because i am so used to it being in the background. I was surprised when one of my colleagues talked of not having heard the call to prayer, despite living near a mosque. In my mind , I am convinced there must me a more advanced way the faithful are called to prayer; maybe by the use of mobile technology.

This got me thinking of different ways we can monitor our projects. We are in the process of developing an improved system for monitoring and feedback from the field. In order to ensure the most optimal functioning of the boreholes we maintain, we must ensure their condition is perfect all the time. Through our collaborative network we are able to get feedback from the field but we are making the network leaner in order to get feedback much faster in order to further appropriate rehabilitative action.

I will give a shout out to the team though. This week we did well. On to the next!