The Keeling Curve Prize…congratulations to our longstanding partner Vita!

12 July, 2023 | Amie Nevin
Categories: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, Improved Cookstoves, Safe Water, Sustainable Development Goals

What is the Keeling Curve Prize? A globally recognised annual award to elevate some of the world’s best climate solutions. The KCP awards organisations worldwide across five categories that are effectively reducing, removing to replacing greenhouse gas emissions; this year applicants were from 114 countries from some of the most underserved communities.

CO2balance are delighted to announce that our longstanding implementation partner, Vita Ireland, have won the finance category of the renowned Keeling Curve Prize for facilitating rural climate-smart economies in Africa. To further the achievement, they are the only NGO amongst the category winners.

Sustainable livelihoods is a core principle underpinning Vita’s work, which mirrors the high-impact, community projects CO2balance specialise in implementing/verifying. We have worked together for over 10 years on successful high-impact carbon projects in Ethiopia and Eritrea, which are certified under the reputable Gold Standard foundation and contribute to a range of the sustainable development goals.

The range of climate-smart operations Vita support and facilitate spans many. Focusing on their Gold Standard verified climate work, their activities involve the rehabilitation of improved drinking water technologies – specifically community boreholes and protected springs; as well as efficient domestic cooking technologies. These projects deliver the combined benefit of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving socio-economic conditions for involved communities.

Both project types involve community engagement throughout the project lifetimes, ensuring community members receive training and skills to reduce their reliance on the charities efforts long-term and improve their own resilience to the impacts of climate change.

It is an extremely proud moment to see the work of one of our project partners recognised by such a highly acclaimed, international prize. Congratulations Vita.