Turning Back the Tide

10 August, 2015 | co2mosesmaina
Categories: Case Study, Improved Cookstoves, Kenya

The traditional focus on energy savings as the main goal of energy efficiency policy has, at times, led to an underestimation of the full value of energy efficiency in both national and global economies. Energy efficiency can bring multiple benefits, such as enhancing the sustainability of the energy system, supporting strategic objectives for economic and social development, promoting environmental goals and increasing prosperity.

Takings steps to be more energy efficient is about using less energy to do the things we need. But what are the benefits? Quite simply, there are many and they can be realized by all parts of society. Energy efficiency is a key tool in the fight against climate change as it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels.
Lowering household energy bills – is the easiest, most affordable and most effective way for families to use energy more wisely and save money on household expenses.

In Kajulu East location in Kisumu East there is a crbon zero stove beneficiary; mother MILLICENT. She lives with her family; two children and her jovial husband Evans Ochieng. Millicent says that previously for many years she used a three stone stove that consumed a lot of firewood, which was a big problem to her and even to other community members. She calls the traditional stove “a beast” that could not give them space to breath. The stove consumed a lot of firewood meaning they had to spend most of their savings on fuel. She says her family could sometimes go hungry especially when it was raining for lack of fuel.

Millicent continues to narrate that after receiving Carbon zero energy efficient stove women and families that benefited have really improved their lives. The costs on fuel were drastically cut and enable most women to save for other issues. She adds that the new stove uses less firewood and now she can save time to do her business and look after her family nicely.

With a radiant smile Millicent says that from her wood savings she managed to open a small Kiosk; she sells fruits in Kisumu town. With her business she has improved her living standards and she is even able to pay school fees for her children. She further narrates that the CZK stove has been great in turning the tide in her life and the whole community as a whole; their lives have changed for the better.
She is very thankful to Carbon Zero Kenya for changing her life and the community at large.

From the above narration its true that while climate change is a challenging issue, solutions are possible. To be effective, all parts of society – governments, businesses and individuals – need to work together and do their part.

The science is clear – climate change is happening and is caused by the release of increasing quantities of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities i.e. the use of traditional stoves. Because much of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions is a result of burning fossil fuels for energy, energy efficiency has a key role in tackling climate change. By using energy more wisely, we need less energy to fulfill our needs.

Compiled by; Nancy Machasio, Christine Atira and Moses Maina