Turning Emissions into Opportunities: Northern Uganda Carbon Credit Issuance Continues

9 August, 2023 | Will Hooton
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

CO2Balance has achieved a significant milestone in its Northern Uganda safe water project by issuing carbon credits for the second time. This highlights the project’s ongoing success in promoting sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions.

Wooden structure built around borehole to prevent large animals contaminating the water supply

Safe water access is a pressing issue for approximately 8 million Ugandans. Projects like these are vital for the well-being of the people in Uganda. Through the collaboration between the UK and overseas team, CO2Balance have played a pivotal role in the successful rehabilitation of 495 malfunctioning boreholes situated across five districts. Prior to their rehabilitation, these boreholes had deteriorated, leaving villagers with no choice but to rely on unprotected wells, lakes, and other open water sources that are highly prone to contamination.

The Northern Ugandan safe water project has successfully finished it’s second monitoring period. Throughout this period, the boreholes have been diligently checked to ensure proper maintenance, smooth operation, and a high-quality water supply.

Additionally the application of ongoing WASH training (Access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene) is critical to ensure these projects continue.

As a result, carbon credits have been issued by the gold standard, a carbon credit verification body. This means that carbon reductions have been carefully calculated and reviewed. Confirming this project is making a high impact through carbon reductions. As the project advances annual carbon reductions will continue to increase. More boreholes continue through the rehabilitation cycle, improving access to safe water for countless lives across Northern Uganda.