World Environment Day

5 June, 2015 | eszterhegyi
Categories: Climate Change

June 5th marks the World Environment Day and UNEP’s campaign calls all of us to consume with care, taking into consideration what burden our everyday activities pose on our planet. One of these simple and vital activities is cooking with three billion people in the world still preparing their meals on open fires or traditional cookstoves. This practice carries enormous ecological burden: according to the Clean Cookstove Alliance, the emissions from the combustion of unsustainably harvested wood fuel alone accounts for roughly 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Co2balance is proud to contribute for a cleaner cooking environment and a more sustainable woodful consumption through its multiple improved cookstove projects in Kenya, Rwanda and Cameroon. We are thankful for our in-country NGO partners for their hard-work and also to our investors whose support are essential to sustain the progress of these projects. These transforming partnerships have a truly great impact one both people’s life and the environment.

On today’s World Environment Day we are re-considering some of our everyday’s habits locally and how we can possible change them to waste less of our planet’s resources. At the same time Co2balance also commits to keep supporting and developing projects that helps to protect the environment on the other part of the world as well.