World Health Day 2022

8 April, 2022 | George Syder
Categories: Improved Cookstoves, Safe Water, World Days

World Health Day 2022 Poster from WHO

Yesterday (7 April 2022), WHO celebrated World Health day focusing on ‘Our Planet, Our Health’. This year, WHO are promoting attention on urgent actions required keep the planet healthy, and guide societies to focus on well-being as well as a green, clean economy. WHO estimates that 13 million deaths a year are attributable to avoidable environmental causes.

Here at CO2Balance, our projects contribute both to a healthier planet through reducing emissions, as well as directly improving the health and livelihoods of nearly 1 million people by providing safe water through our borehole projects, as well as reducing smoke related illness through distributing Improved Cookstoves.

Improved Cookstove being used in Kenya

In Sierra Leone, our projects have reduced water-borne illness in communities by 83% and in Zimbabwe, a 50% reduction in combined water-borne and smoke related illness. This reduction in illness allows for more time for individuals to generate income, and further secure the health of themselves and their families.

Whilst this is a step in right direction, we are still looking at ways we can further improve the health of these communities, and increase the reduction of emissions, further helping create a healthy planet. This research takes a look at new technologies, both in how we can supply clean water to more people and through more efficient cookstoves, with better ventilation.

Borehole being used in Malawi