World Vision and Co2balance confirm stakeholder dates for two cookstove VPAs in Kenya.

10 February, 2014 | Lucas Emmerson
Categories: Improved Cookstoves, Kenya

co2balance are currently working in partnership with World Vision on the delivery of two Gold Standard improved cookstove VPAs in the districts of Wema and Mogotia, Kenya. These projects aim to address the environmental, social and economic problems associated with traditional three stone cooking methods in the above districts by promoting energy efficient cook-stoves to households through established micro-finance institutions, helping to make them affordable to local users. The two micro-scale projects will be included under the co2balance non LDC multi-country PoA . Each one will reduce emissions by 10000tCO2 per year in addition to providing multiple other co-benefits for sustainable development.

In order to maximise stakeholder feedback and coverage, three separate stakeholder meetings will be conducted, two in the district of Wema on March 4th and one in Mogotia on 5th March. The principle objective of using a participatory approach is  to ensure the projects are fully in line with the expectations of beneficiaries right from the offset  and  to eliminate the risk of potential problems occurring during the implementation phase. Further updates soon.

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