Zimbabwe Safe Water Project Certified by Gold Standard for the Third Year

6 April, 2021 | Tor Tennant
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CO2balance is pleased to announce that our safe water project in the Manicaland district of Zimbabwe has been successfully verified and issued under the Gold Standard carbon offsetting certification scheme. This important milestone is due to the collaborative hard work from the CO2balance project team, and our in-country Zimbabwean partner the Diocese of Mutare Community Care Programme (DOMCCP), a local NGO.

Following rehabilitation of 30 boreholes in 2018, CO2balance has worked closely with DOMCCP to complete an ongoing maintenance program to ensure a continual safe water supply for local communities for the past 3 years. By providing these safe water sources, the project has ensured that local households consumed less firewood for water purification needs and resulted in a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. The total number of Emission Reductions (more commonly known as carbon credits) has been extensively verified and certified by the Gold Standard.

Additionally, contributions towards four different UN SDGs were made during the latest monitoring period, including: SDG 3: Good Health & Wellbeing; SDG 5: Gender Equality; SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation and SDG 13: Climate Action. For more information on our SDG contributions in Zimbabwe, please see our previous blog Boosting SDGs in Zimbabwe: Impact from latest annual monitoring.

But the work never stops…

Whilst the CO2balance team has completed the Gold Standard review to certify the project this year, work in the project area never stops…

The above photos show community members using several project boreholes during the latest round of functionality checks completed by DOMCCP in March 2021. Whilst all 30 boreholes were functional at the time of the visit, DOMCCP identified several boreholes that will need minor repairs or part replacements to be completed over the next few weeks. This preventative maintenance ensures major breakdowns can be avoided and is essential for the longevity of the safe water supply.

Maria, a widow from a local community had this to say about her local borehole during the recent functionality checks: “Since this borehole was rehabilitated in 2018 by this project, my health improved. My legs were always in pain each time I travel the 6km walk to get water from the next borehole. It is now history as this borehole reduced the distance by 5km. I now have spare time to do other economic activities without taking the daily horrible and tiresome routine journey I used to travel”.

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